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The Stages of Being a Wedding Date

Stage 1: You must be a high class escort.


Even if it was true, let’s get real boys…


Stage 2: The Bar is Open and It’s Open Bar.


Stage 3: Your Date Can’t Handle the Club Right Now: time to take his ass home.


Stage 4: Vow to never attend weddings as someone’s date unless you know other people attending. Vow to never attend weddings with someone you met off Tinder. Vow to never attend weddings filled with Olympic Club/University Club/Bohemian Club members. Vow to NEVER ATTEND WEDDINGS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. 

Send Mumbai Red-Light Area Girl to NY University!



DONATE! You know how fucking hard it is to come by money for school in this country. $10 will get her a square three meals a day.


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